December 6, 2016




BELINDAA stands as an epitome for dedication, expertise and the drive to provide our customers the service for which they chose us over the rest. A company that has been enabling many in fulfilling their dreams. BELINDAA, an organization where the difficult is made easy. Providing the best services by tailoring them to our customer’s needs, BELINDAA has risen to being the most preferred professionally managed services consulting firm in the country.


Started as a Direct Sales Associate for leading nationalized & private sector financial institutions in 2012, under the leadership of Mr. Fernando Loyola S L D, who had built a team of 25 seasoned managers with more than 100 years of total experience in his professional life with Leading Financial Services Company, an leading Direct Sales & Distribution Agency for Citibank N.A. Belindaa Finserve has seen rapid growth in the past years of its operations. This was possible, not only by the values and qualities exhibited by BELINDAA Finserve as an organization, but also by the power and influence of a strong sponsor.

Today, BELINDAA Finserve operates out of 4 major cities in the South India and in the professional experience of the promoters , the promoters has disbursed loans worth over Rs.1,000 Crore to more than 1,00,000 happy customers. It is the biggest financial distributor in South India having partnered with some of the biggest financial institutions in the country.

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